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Skoll Sense, a Jonathan Gurvit film

My name is Andy C. Huber. I am a Los Angeles-based underwater chief lighting technician and technical dive instructor. As such I have the privilege to travel for film work and often represent Hydroflex, the leading underwater lighting fixture manufacturer.

Last August, 2015 I had the great pleasure to have been invited back to Brazil for another exciting underwater project. This time it was for a Skol beer commercial in conjunction with the Skol Sense.

The premise was an underwater night club complete with patrons and club lighting … So during preliminary discussions I had to inform production that Hydroflex did not make any Rock ‘n' Roll or club lighting fixtures, nor was I aware of any manufacturer in the market place who was offering such fixtures. I was assured not to worry which did not lessen my anxiety of walking into a project without the tools to deliver the desired results.

Once I arrived in São Paulo met the production team and crew – including Lucas Pupo the UWDoP and Underwater Shooting Coordinator . Lucas promptly introduced me to some underwater lighting fixtures he designed and had manufactured. He used DMX-able LED Par64 RGBW and custom LED Moon Flower fixtures – specially designed for the project – as the base for his underwater lights. He enclose these fixtures in a solid custom aluminum housing, acrylic fronts complete with custom silicone O-rings. This fixtures seemed well designed but naturally I was skeptical. Heat development inside the housing was one of my concerns, data connections and power supply another. Lucas assured me not to worry. All cables – data and power – were single pieces without water exposed connections or through-housing connectors. It seemed a well thought out design and I was curious to see them in action.

After 4 days of shooting I was not aware of any single failure of Lucas’ lights. They kept performing reliably and tirelessly. I was impressed. Even when I was hand-holding the par fixtures while diving around the camera and focussing on the talents they were easy to operate once we added an appropriate amount of dive weights to off-set their positive buoyancy.

I think that Lucas has definitive created special fixtures that do not exist in the current underwater lighting market place. The final product speaks for itself – a truly unique and visually stunning commercial that even left some of my peers in Hollywood speechless.

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